On 13 October 2021, the ARIADNA project was presented at the 4th National Conference “Sistema su Gomma nel Trasporto Passeggeri”, co-organised by the Italian Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, and ASSTRA, the Italian association of local public transport.

The conference is organised regularly to present the status of road passengers mobility services in Italy and how recent innovations are impacting the sector by supporting operators overcoming technical, financial and environmental barriers. The conference addresses a wide representation of Italian public transport operators as well local authorities, academia, OEMS and mobility stakeholders in general.

ARIADNA was presented by UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, who highlighted its view on public transport and urban mobility research and how the ARIADNA project strongly contributes to UITP’s research priorities.

Furthermore, the key benefits of Galileo and multi-constellations receivers in urban environment have been presented and relevant examples gathered in the project were showcased.