Pildo Labs is an engineering company specialized in delivering top of the edge technology within the aeronautics and mobility sectors. Pildo is recognized as experts in the introduction of new ATM and ITS systems and Communications, Navigation and Surveillance services.

Pildo Labs is recognized as an important Stakeholder for the introduction of GNSS (Satellite Navigation) applied to Air Navigation within EU market, thanks to company leadership since the very beginning in the most strategic projects for the main European bodies in the field.

Pildo Labs is today the European leading company, and present in African and Latin America markets, on the introduction of Satellite Navigation enhanced flight procedures based on GPS technology and its augmentations, such as EGNOS.

Pildo Labs will bring to the project its strong background on GNSS technical and operational introduction, together with its international outreach through several projects. It will develop the reference dissemination toolkit to disseminate EGNSS benefits.

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