The Galileo Demo Kit (GDK) is one of the main outcomes of the ARIADNA project, and it has been developed by Pildo Labs. It is a complete hardware + software solution that can be used by stakeholders willing to evaluate with real data the benefits of leveraging Galileo in their operations. The GDK is a box embedding two different GNSS receivers: an old GPS-only receiver, and a multi-constellation, multi-frequency Galileo + GPS + other GNSS receiver, plus dead reckoning.  The GDK is easy to use and generates comparable data of the difference in performance (accuracy, time-to-fix, etc.) of geolocation when using Galileo, as compared to GPS only. Data is then sent in Real-Time to a webserver for further analysis and visualisation. Two public transport operators, TEISA (bus), and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya – FGC (train) have used the GDK to discover that #useGalileo pays off. The GDK is free to use, so please get in touch in case interested!

Watch the two videos of TEISA and FGC using the GDK, and how they highlight the observed benefits of using Galileo: