FACTUAL is a disruptive innovation and consultancy firm specialized in all things mobility. FACTUAL builds on an extensive international network of highly skilled and experienced professionals, independent consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers who bring in their background and knowledge, adapting to our customers’ requirements with a more flexible, sharp, and focused approach than more traditional consultancies. Factual believes in high performance individuals delivering passion, expertise, vision and commitment to fulfilling customers’ goals, and always steer towards exceeding them: meeting a customer’s goal is not a finish line for Factual; our mindset is already planning for the next frontier, identifying a new revenue stream, working to leverage an unmet opportunity. FACTUAL staff members are mobility specialists accumulating an outstanding track record of participating in mobility related and EU-funded projects.

FACTUAL will be the coordinator of ARIADNA project and be responsible for WP1 – Ethics, WP2 – Project Management, and WP3 – Understanding the market, characterising urban mobility market and challenges related to GNSS, among other tasks.

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