From 1 to 3 September, the 10th International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR) was held in Rhodes (Greece) and ARIADNA was present!

During the session ‘Sustainable urban mobility, implementation and new synergies’, ARIADNA coordinator Josep Laborda (Factual) presented the paper Moving cities forward: how Galileo satellite technology can advance urban mobility’, co-authored by Sergi Paniagua Lara (Pildo Labs) and Michele Tozzi and Charlotte van Hek (UITP).

The paper focuses on the status of awareness and application of Galileo technology in the mobility and public transport sector. Also, the paper provides very concrete evidence of Galileo’s benefits based on the analysis of real-life applications in the bus and shared mobility domain. Use cases discussed in the paper come from both a large public transport operator and a smaller Spanish moped-sharing operator.

Furthermore, during his presentation Laborda discussed that Galileo is interoperable with other systems, such as GPS, allowing it to combine constellations and provide more accurate positioning.

The full paper is available HERE

 The presentation can be viewed on YouTube (<10 minutes):