We are happy to announce that our recently launched survey on cities’ needs regarding post COVID-19 urban mobility is attracting attention from different publications.

The ARIADNA survey aims to understand how space services can play a key role in the modernization of cities and urban transport, opening new possibilities to exploit the synergies of Galileo geo-positioning and Copernicus Earth Observation data in the transition to more efficient and sustainable transport, as well as boosting innovation and economic growth for cities. This is particularly timely in the recovery phase post-COVID-19.

News on the survey was recently published on Intelligent Transport and the website of GSA.

Following the results of the survey and the interest from the partner cities, the project will provide support through tailored workshops to increase awareness on the use of Galileo and Copernicus to improve urban transport.

ARIADNA is also helping cities another way: together with the GSA, ARIADNA has launched an initiative to bring cities that want to go greener and are looking for answers from space data together in the Space4Cities network.

Have you not filled in the survey yet? You can find it here, completing only takes five minutes.