One of the key objectives of ARIADNA is to identify the specific areas and use cases where GALILEO can bring added value where increased accuracy, integrity, or reliability features are required.

To this end, ARIADNA last year launched the survey ‘How satellite navigation is empowering Public Transport & Urban Mobility solutions?’, calling on public transport operators, public transport authorities, fleet managers, shared mobility operators, technology providers, etc., to share whether and how they already use GALILEO, and how they see the role of geolocation data in improving urban mobility services.

Now, ARIADNA is happy to say 70 participants from all over the world took part in the survey, who provided us with key insights.

For example, the survey shows that Geolocation data is the most used Space Data used when planning/operating mobility services, and that cities use Earth Observation Data (Copernicus, or other) in various ways to plan & operate services. Also, the survey reveals that there are very different reasons why operators/authorities are not (yet) using GALILEO.

Furthermore, no less than 91% of respondents agree to the statement that Space Data is needed or useful for implementing a strategy for more sustainable cities and transportation. Finally, there are strong beliefs that Geolocation Data will help improve existing mobility services & enable new mobility services during the COVID-19 crisis & recovery phase.

You can find all outcomes of the survey here!