Factual, Auxilia, Y4PT (Youth For Public Transport) and ARIADNA partners are proud to announce #HackARIADNA 2021, the online Hackathon taking place in Autumn 2021.


The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic is being felt across the globe. The pandemic has completely changed our life as we know it. This situation is affecting not only the health of individuals, but also transforming the operation of organisations across almost all sectors, the cohesion of communities, as well as destabilising our economy, provoking serious financial disruption. Many more implications continue to affect our lives and our societies.

In this 2nd edition, #HackARIADNA is calling for solutions to help the world improve and support sustainable and healthy mobility for all by leveraging Galileo in public transport and urban mobility.


  • We are searching for ways to inform and make stakeholders in the urban mobility space, such as Public Transport Authorities (PTAs), Public Transport Operators (PTOs) and Mobility Service Providers, as well as end-users, aware about Galileo navigation technology and the benefits it brings, and we want them to use it daily or more often
  • The call is open for your solutions in the following topics: Mobility for All, and Sustainable Mobility
  • Submissions will be assessed using the following criteria: innovativeness, convincing concept, etc.
  • We are calling for already existing and new solutions, the creation of MVPs or Prototypes with innovative ideas addressing the above main topics
  • No limits to your creativity! All we ask is that you integrate the use of Galileo in your solutions
Mobility for all

Leveraging Galileo-enabled geolocation capabilities to design mobility solutions allowing people to move with the best possible conditions

  • Whatever the urban contexts in which they live: low-density territories, underprivileged or weakly-connected neighbourhoods
  • Whatever their age: elderly people, millennials, etc.
  • Whatever their gender: safe mobility for women anytime and everywhere
  • Whatever their moving abilities: people with reduced mobility, blind people
Sustainable mobility

Promoting mobility solutions with the least impact in terms of carbon and other air-polluting emissions

  • Make active mobility -cycling and walking- easier and more attractive in all urban contexts
  • Increase the use of public transport and facilitate intermodal behaviour
  • Make car a shared mobility solution (car-pooling, car-sharing); include car users into MaaS and truly multimodal trips (including park & ride, etc.)
  • Develop or promote carbon-neutral last-mile logistics solutions in all urban contexts
  • Promote sustainable mobility behaviour via nudges or incentives schemes
HackARIADNA & the ARIADNA project

HackARIADNA is in line with ARIADNA’s goals: to promote the benefits and use of the European Global Navigation Satellite System, Galileo. Developed by the European Union, Galileo is a satellite geolocation system complementary to the United States’ GPS, Russia’s Glonass or China’s Beidou. With Galileo, the European Union aims to ensure its strategic independence in this highly strategic area, improve its market share in the geolocation sector, and expand its high value-added services.

In 2019, a billion smart phones were already using Galileo. New vehicles that are launched on the market incorporate the European system EGNSS. However, even though its use is common in our daily life, Galileo continues to be little known among city councils, public transport authorities and operators, companies and individuals.


  • Through a fully remote, agile, global contest designing solutions and developing innovative applications that will help the world find better new mobility solutions through the use of Galileo
  • Deliberately utilising, training in and exploring the best aspects of remote collaboration. Transforming every disadvantage into an opportunity to learn, grow, connect, solve and inspire
  • Lead by our experienced, global Y4PT Team and ARIADNA Consortium’s partners contributing support and action across different time zones
  • Participants: any individual can participate, collaborating to develop & deploy fast new responses in real time
  • Winners will be entitled to different kinds of prizes, and one selected person from the winning team will participate to the Y4PT Global Hack Final Reshaping Societies – Barcelona 2023


Register here!


Participants can be individuals of any age, groups or teams of people, youth of any age, young professionals, robotics experts, tech individuals, start-ups or companies who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity, and enthusiasm for sustainability in their application. Are you one of those innovative and creative individuals or teams with a great ability to get the most out of limited resources? Then this call is for you!

Even a simple app enabling citizens to adapt more easily to the changed conditions can mean the world to somebody, not to mention the role that the healthy mobility tech start-ups play amid these predicaments. There are so many ways to participate and make a difference, so show us how YOU are a champion in reshaping our societies in a sustainable way.

Submissions will be reviewed by Y4PT and ARIADNA Partners and assessed relative to creativity, value and potential for immediate or fast sustainability and replication.

  • A first phase of subscription August 2021/September 2021
  • A selection of the possible participants to the mentoring event will be made by Y4PT
  • From end of September 2021, tailor made encounters with Y4PT Mentors will take place to bring people together, discuss, implement, and refine the ideas, prototypes and skills of participants
  • Winners will be announced during the Final , last week of October 2021, and entitled to participate to activities and workshops from the Ariadna Consortium  and to the next Y4PT International Hack 2023 that will take place in Barcelona, Spain