ARIADNA interview series continues: how has Galileo helped satellite data solutions provider Blue Dot Solutions?

Since its launch in 2019, the ARIADNA project has shown through various ways what the benefits are of EGNSS for urban mobility.

But what are some of the actual experiences and stories of those working in the urban mobility field? Why have they chosen to integrate Galileo technology in their products or services, and what can they tell us so far?

The ARIADNA project has launched a series of video interviews highlighting concrete experiences with Galileo, showing the benefits but also the challenges for urban mobility players.

Our next interview is with Blue Dot Solutions, a satellite data solutions provider. They explain how they use Galileo for their Internet of Things (IoT) solution developed in the EUSPA project FLAMINGO, and how the use of Galileo increases safety and efficiency of public transport in the city of Gdansk. We spoke to Krzysztof Kanawka, CEO of co-founder of the Polish company.

Happy watching!