Through MyGalileoSolution the GSA is supporting and guiding a new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups to ensure EU Space is enabling the creation of innovative applications and solutions to respond to current and future challenges.

The Ariadna project is thrilled to announce that Factual, its coordinator, is among the finalists of the competition with their Rideal project, a microsubsidy calculation engine which can be easily plugged in to any existing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) or Transport Service Provider platform by using their API or SDK, and so enable an innovative, cost-efficient, and very customizable way of nudging behavioral change in mobility, both for public or private organizations, and so leverage Galileo to accurately track how travelers combine public transport with other shared mobility services available in cities, so that ultimately private car usage is reduced.

On March 2 Factual will participate in the Entrepreneurship Day where winners will be announced.

Registration to this virtual event is available HERE.

Watch Alexandra Hösli pitch Factual’s vision how Galileo can be used to make MaaS thrive 👇