On 2 August, ARIADNA project coordinator Josep Laborda was invited to speak at a webinar organised by the Smart City Institute Japan. Their webinar series “Designing Smart Cities in the Era of Coexistence with COVID-19″ regularly invites experts from around the globe in a light conversation format for about 75 minutes.

The webinar was moderated by Mr Takehiko Nagumo, Executive Director of the Smart City Institute Japan.

During the event, ARIADNA was presented in a keynote speech on the topic of “A New Public Transport Era Leveraging Galileo”. The keynote was followed by an open conversation with Mr. Nagumo, mainly aimed at increasing the awareness on the benefits of implementing multi-constellation, multi-frequency Galileo-enabled GNSS receivers onboard public transport and shared mobility fleets, this being particularly important for an audience mostly based in Asia.

The full recording of the event is available here: